Setting and history

08boklindgrenThere are many stories to tell about Katthult. One of the story is Astrid Lindgren's tales about Emil. Another story is about the making of the movies in Katthult and what has happened since. As all farms in the province of Småland Katthult has its own particular history.

From an ordinary farm to a tourist attraction

Katthult is one of four farms in the village of Gibberyd. The same family has owned the farm since the 19th century. It was an ordinary farm until 1970 when a film team showed up and asked if they could shoot the films about Emil i Lönneberga at the site. We couldn't imagined that there would be such a change compared to the past.

Astrid_och_Olle_wAstrid Lindgren and Olle Hellbom. Photo: Lars-Erik Svantesson

The farm was well suited to becoming Katthult for several reasons. Just as Astrid Lindgren described, the farm was beautifully situated among the cherry trees and lilacs. In addition, virtually all buildings where already in place. The only building that did not exist was the carpenters shed which were built by the crew. One advantage was that the place was relatively undisturbed. It was unlikely that cars or other modernities passed by and disturbed the recording. In addition, the farm were located at a scenic hillside that allowed beautiful and functional camera angles.Läs mer →

More about the recordings

In Mariannelund ca. 10 km from Katthult is Barnfilmbyn (Child-film-Village). There you can visit the House of Films,

which is well worth visit. So is also their website, which lists a number of sites in the area where various scenes from Emil films were recorded.


Books and films about Emil

Astrid Lindgren's books about Emil

There had never been any films unless Astrid Lindgren had written her great books about Emil. The following is a list of the books Astrid Lindgren has written about Emil (and Ida) of Lönneberga. All the books are published by Rabén & Sjögren. Most of the books we sell in Katthultsboden along with movies and CDs.

Emil i Lönneberga (1963)Book

Nya hyss av Emil i Lönneberga (1966)

Än lever Emil i Lönneberga (1970)

Den där Emil (1972) – picture book

När Emil skulle dra ut Linas tand (1976) – picture book

Stora Emilboken (1984) – Master volume

När lilla Ida skulle göra hyss (1984)

Emils hyss nr 325 (1985)

Inget knussel, sa Emil i Lönneberga (1986)

Ida och Emil i Lönneberga (1989) – Master volume

Emil med paltsmeten (1995) – picture book

The three films about Emil in Lönnebergaemililonneberga

Most of the outdoor scenes in the films of Emil were recorded in Katthult between 1971 and 1973. The result was three movies and a number of tv episodes that have been broadcasted in a number of countries around the world.

Emil i Lönneberga (1971)

In the first movie of Emil, we get to know hs family, Alfred and Lina. Most of all, we get to know Emil and the mischief he does. In this film he captures his father Anton toe in a mousetrap and pours pudding in his face, Emils also succeeds to run down his entire head in bowl so has t visit the doctor in Mariannelund. But little sister Ida never got see Mariannelund why Emil lifts her up on the flagpole to Anton dismay. But Emil can also do "good" mischief, as to invite the whole poor cottage on Christmas food in large Boner raset in Katthult.

New mischief of Emil i Lönneberga (1972)

Around the world worry that a comet will crack down on Earth. It also makes the family S in Katthult but go anyway to Vimmerby to go on the market. With there follows naturally Emil as in Vimmerby, the opportunity to provide horse and scare some sense out of the wife's petrel. The horse Lukas, he later of little use in the middle of winter when he saves the life of Alfred blodförgiftade by driving him to mariannelund.

Emil and the Piglet (1973)

Lina May concern with toothache and Emil naturally want to help her with this. With a range of crazy ideas try Emil help her get out the tooth but I can't. Instead he's doing other things. Among other things. He collects money at the gates of the Katthult to go on auction in Backhorva. Where does he do according to Anton a series "van courtesy on business" and. .. all of which ultimately turns out to be really useful. A little later rescues Emil life on a small newborn pig and sheep take care of it yourself. But he's not content with keeping it alive. He teaches the sit nicely, jump high and do many other tricks, like eating fermented cherries along with the rooster and Emil. The story ended with Emil and the Piglet had to do penance at Godtemplarna.emilochgris

Starring, among others.

Director-Olle Hellbom
Emil-Jan Ohlsson
Ida-Lena Wisborg
Anton-Allan Edwall
Alma-Emy Storm
Alfred-Björn Gustavsson
Lina-Maud Hansson
Carsta Krösamaja-Löck

The films were produced by the Swedish film industry.